AdmixPro concrete admixtures from Dyrssen Specialised Materials & Co (DSM & Co)

Five Elements has 100% ownership of DSM & Co, the provider of the AdmixPro range of concrete admixtures.  DSM & Co admixtures help our clients improve concrete project productivity and quality.  DSM & Co's product range of AdmixPro concrete admixtures designed to improve concrete performance in terms of;

  • Strength
  • Productivity
  • Durability
  • Economy 

Our admixtures comply with AS 1478 Chemical admixtures for concrete, mortar and grout.  

Our admixtures are blended at our Premises in Capalaba QLD.


laboratory testing

By carrying out laboratory testing using our concrete materials laboratory we are able to make the right recommendations for our customers.  This helps achieve appropriate;

  • Concrete workability
  • Set times
  • Strength
  • Durability
  • Productivity

Customers can submit their materials to us for testing to determine the best mix design and admixture dosing strategy to suit project requirements.

Laboratory concrete mixer and concrete ingredients ready to make a trial batch  


Setting time: Preparation of samples for the Vicat apparatus to test the initial and final setting time of cement

Vicat testing to meqasure the effect of admixtures on the initial and final setting time of cement


The right chemistry for success

Our experience and technical know how helps our customers develop the right dosing strategy, ensuring successful outcomes.

Contact us for specific advice for your project;

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Read on to find out more about the AdmixPro product range.


The AdmixPro range

AdmixPro admixtures of DSM & Co are blended at our premises in Capalaba QLD and distributed throughout Australia.


AdmixPro 117 is classified as a WR category water reducing agent.



AdmixPro 227 is a high range water reducing admixture (HWR)



AdmixPro 289 is a set accelerating admixture for reducing the initial and final set time.



AdmixPro 308 is an air entraining agent.



AdmixPro 801 is a set retarding admixture to extend the initial and final set times.



AdmixPro 913 is a high range water reducing admixture (HWR)