Ligroc Gamma is a lignosulphonate based stabiliser and dust suppressant.  Ligroc has strong adhesive characteristics, enabling significant increases in the wet and dry strength of pavements.  This ability makes it suitable for application to unsealed pavement and sealed pavements.  Ligroc results in pavements being able to resist water ingress, keeping pavements stronger during wet conditions.

Ligroc is supplied in convenient 25kg bags.  It is applied by blending it into water tankers.

Features and benefits of Ligroc include;

  • It is fast acting product which allows the road to stay open
  • Provides high strength stabilisation
  • It is non-hygroscopic, creating a long-lasting product
  • Creates safer roads and driving conditions
  • Reduces dust to a PM10 standard resulting in cleaner air
  • It is environmentally safe for sensitive areas
  • Can be used at high concentrations
  • It is tanker friendly due to its low viscosity and non-corrosive properties



Spraying of Ligroc Gamma onto pavement material

Pallets of Ligroc Gamma at the Five Elements warehouse.

CBR  Testing of alluvial deposits from the Lachlan Valley of NSW

This control specimen achieved a soaked CBR of 10 - Note that the specimen is quite soft and a lot of material remains on the base plate.

This specimen was treated with a Ligroc blend and achieved a CBR of 35.  Note the base plate is quite clean.


Ask us about sourcing full 40' containers of Ligroc for your project

We are able to source Lignosulphonate with various properties from our manufacturers.  We understand the attributes of various types of Lignosulphonate, and we are able to recommend the most appropriate type for your project.