Chloroc Alpha is a premium dust suppressant composed of calcium chloride for use on low plasticity materials.  Chloroc Alpha is highly hygroscopic which causes it to absorb moisture from the atmosphere, this property keeps the road surface in a damp condition eliminating dust.  By keeping moisture in the pavement it also helps to reduce scattering of the pavement material, helping to reduce pavement loss.

Application of Chloroc Alpha is through spraying a solution onto the road surface.  No traffic control is required during this operation.

Chloroc Alpha comes in 950kg bulk bags.  Five Elements can provide equipment for the blending of the Chloroc into the tanker during filling.

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Blending of the Chloroc Alpha into water during filling of the tanker.  Water enters the IBC tank while the Chloroc is dispensed gradually from the bulk bag.  The solution is pumped into the tanker using the portable pump.  Chloroc dissolves almost instantly.

Application of Chloroc using a water tanker.  The solution can be sprayed on using the fans or spraybar.


After treatment the road surface will have a darker colour due to the moisture in the pavement surface.  Dust will be significantly reduced or eliminated.  Due to the moisture content of the pavement there will be less scattered pavement material, helping to extend the life of the gravel.




Chloroc Alpha can help you make significant savings in maintaining your unsealed road network and reducing dust.  Call us on 07 3348 5533 or email